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Your main text file in the Web

What is it?

MyTextFile is ajax-powered online text editor for a single plain text file.
You can use it to store notes, texts snippets or any other information.

Only one text file

Nothing superfluous — single file for everything you'll need to put in a single file.

Just plain text

No formatting, no multiple fonts — only the text you can type with your keyboard*.
By the way, you may change typeface/font size for whole text editor.

256kB per file**

That's 262144 bytes. Ought to be enough for anybody.
More than whole ”Romeo and Juliet“ by Shakespeare.

Multiple revisions

Every time you remove something from your text file, MyTextFile creates new revision.
By the way, MyTextFile autosaves the data every 5 minutes.

Working TAB key

Press TAB to insert \t (tab)
There is even an option to insert spaces(soft-tab)

Zero social features

Want to share your text file with somebody else? Use your e-mail.

Powered by Google® AppEngine™

Your file is stored within Google's scalable infrastructure.
You need only your Google Account to use MyTextFile.

* — unicode is supported
GOOGLE is a trademark of Google Inc.